REGISTRATION ON THE SITE – Why to create an account ?

Registration is mandatory to access and download our materials. We also offer you the possibility of subscribing to our newsletters.

REGISTRATION ON THE SITE – How to create an account ?

Click on the right side of the header on the button «Connect Me”. Then follow the steps.

OFF-LINE READING - How to access documents without the internet (classroom, parental protection…) ?

To download all PDF and MP3 / MP4 contents, you have two options: 

1.    Press the button « Download all » at the top of a book page
2.    Download  PDF, MP3, MP4 files separately from the download zone above the lesson zone.

             Note: You will need to download an application to uncompress a ZIP archive.

OFF-LINE MODUS – How to access titles on the streaming platform without internet access?

You require a paid account. See the streaming platform’s support!

LOCKED BOOKS – Where is the unlocking code?

The code is found inside the book either on the inside cover or on the first page.